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Physiotherapy Helps Control MS

It is also important to take regular gentle exercise if you have MS.  Not only will it keep you fit and healthy, but it will also strengthen your bones, build your muscles and make you more supple, all of which can make relapses less disabling and help to prevent long-term muscle wastage or postural problems.


Physiotherapy can teach someone with MS how to recover a good posture for their body – with particular emphasis on the correct way to stand, to walk, to rise from a sitting or lying position, and how best to position oneself for sleeping.  The benefits are more normal and easier movement, and as a consequence, the possibility of enjoying a long and active life.  Preventative therapy is encouraged early in order to avoid a secondary disability that arises from disuse.


Physiotherapy programmes are tailored to the individual needs of each MS sufferer.  Based on careful and detailed assessments, our experienced physiotherapist draws up a regime specific to each patient.  The regime is adjusted to suit following reassessments.  Using this as a basis, MS patients can be shown how to help themselves.