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Past Events

Hairworks Beauty Treatments

March 2007

hworks_ms_shave2Joanne Harty, who lives in Shaw and whose grandfather attended the MS Centre some time ago, decided to do a fundraising event to raise money for us. She said "My grandad had MS so it's something I have seen first hand and wanted to do something to help. We thought it was a really fun idea to get the men to have their chests waxed and it's been fun for us to watch too. There are many good charities out there, but because the Swindon MS Centre is quite a small charity we thought they could do with our help."

hworks_ms_shave4She arranged a day of beauty treatments at Hairworks salon in Freshbrook village, where a group of "brave" men agreed to have their chests waxed and raise money for the MS Centre. Matt Blay, a firefighter and one of the men having his chest waxed said "I thought it was going to be bad but it was so much worse. Jo lives near me and she caught me off-guard while I was busy getting the kids out of the car. I'm not sure if I'd get it done again, it depends if the wife likes it!" Salon owner, Paul Edwards also braved the waxing, although he chose to have his legs done instead of his chest. He said "We've done a few things for charity before and its a really good community area, so I'm not surprised it has done so well and everyone's given up their Sunday to take part."

Jo and the team helped raise over £600 through sponsorship of the event. A huge thank you to Jo and everyone who took part and making it such a successful event. We think you were all very brave!