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Past Events


Jane Mason and her team took it on themselves as a challenge to raise money for our members to visit London for a visit to to the ‘Eye’, and afterwards a trip down the river from Westminster Bridge to Greenwich. They have been raising the money for two years now and I must admit from the time we arrived at the Zurich Training Centre at Wanborough at 09-15 the organisation was seamless. We had a specially equipped bus from Hatts of Chippenham where nearly half of the floor area was adapted to securely fix wheelchairs for our journey.

There were approximately seven Zurich members to help give assistance and also give the ‘carers’ some time to themselves. Everything was laid on even to a game or two of ‘Bingo’ on the bus to try and alleviate boredom and the dozing amongst us of advancing years!

The ‘Eye’ itself is a fantastic piece of engineering and, according to the gentleman on the boat afterwards on the Thames, ‘the most popular tourist attraction in the world’. Of course he wouldn’t exaggerate would he!! but certainly with the queues which were there he wasn’t far wrong.

It was interesting when at the top of the ‘Eye’ to pick out landmarks and also which buildings were which along the Thames adjacent to Parliament. Anyway, what with all that, plus the rather prolonged journey home it was with rather a relief to all of us when we got back to Wanborough and picked up our cars for the final journey home.

Altogether a fabulous day out and once again thanks cannot, and will not, be enough for saying to Jane, Neil, and others on the Zurich team who made this trip possible.Jane and the team were finalists in the Zurich Community Award Celebrations which took part in March 2007 at the British Library.  We were very pleased to be able to nominate them for this award as they worked so hard to make the London Eye trip a special one for our members. 

Thank you to the whole team and congratulations!